Three slices of ham please...

It wasn’t what you would call an “active day”. In fact, I only left the house once, tonight, to go to the supermarket.

I love shopping on a Sunday night at about 8.30-9.30.

The supermarket is always close to empty, and those shopping do so with a purpose. Unlike other times during the week, you’re unlikely to find those supermarket wanderers, those people who go up and down the aisles getting in your way.

When it comes to supermarket shopping, I like to go in with a clear idea of what I want, get it off the shelves in a fairly methodical way, pay and get home.

I guess it has to do with my time working in a supermarket.

That, and the fact that I know how exactly to put items on the roller so they can be packed quickly and properly.

So yeah, supermarket shopping was high on my agenda today, along with clothes washing.

And in between, I did some work on a friend’s website to make it look a little more “contemporary”, and some family history.

Anyhoo, gotta go… “Are You Being Served?” has just started, and Mrs Slocombe is back after two weeks absence. Whatever could be wrong with her pussy?

It’s THAT kind of Sunday.

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One thought on “Home Body

  1. The phrase I’m thinking of after reading this is….”the perfect housewife”


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