Hon Finnas

I can confirm “Sandra In Sweden” exists and is not just an imaginary internet friend. She is a real person. We’ve been following each other’s blogs for about six months now. She’s an American married to an Australian and on her blog she writes about their life in Stockholm. They’ve been in Stockholm five years […]

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En underbar dag

I’ve had a really wonderful day. In part, because the weather has been so spectacular. In part, because of the great experiences. I had lunch today with a guy called Peter Waak who runs a company called Radio Intelligence. Although based here in Stockholm, his company provides research and consultancy work around the world. He […]

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Hallå hela pressen

The train trip between Gävle and Stockholm is pretty stunning. It only takes about 90 minutes, but along the way there is so much to see. Well, maybe not much that to see, but the snow is kinda hypnotic. I spent most of the trip looking out the window at the snow and the trees. […]

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