Melbourne Day

“I feel like some ice-cream or some gelato”, I said to my friend Sue, so she suggested Brunetti’s at Carlton as one of those quintessential Melbourne experiences.

We had plans of heading out into the country to look at some of the bushfire affected areas, and to do our bit to help their economic recovery, but decided the combination of cold and wet weather, and long distances, meant a day in Melbourne instead.

So we had a late morning bite to eat overlooking the river, spent some time at the Art Gallery (not that interesting, to be honest), and then headed over to Carlton.

We spent a fair bit of time in Borders (currently being renovated) and looking in shop windows, and then headed over to Brunetti’s. There was much people watching to be done.

Late in the afternoon we came back to Sue’s place where I had a nap and she did some work. And then in the evening, we searched (without much success) for something to watch on television.

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