Sunday isn’t Sunday without the…

Gee, that was a relief. I managed to “survive” the telecast on ABC1 of the Andrew Olle Media Lecture without one single shot of me with a glass of wine in my hand. Conscious of a previous telecast where they crossed twice to an image of me with a glass at my mouth, I’ve resolved never to drink during the actual lecture itself.

That was, without doubt, the highlight of my Sunday which was, otherwise, spent relaxing. I’m heading off to Darwin this week, and, conscious of how exhausting “work trips” can be, I resolved to do as little as possible today. The only other “energetic” things I’ve done today, have been go to the supermarket tonight and go to lunch today at the nearby Indian vegetarian.

While I sat and ate my meal, a couple came in – a couple from an Indian background, I assumed by their facial features – and asked about the cuisine. When they were told it was vegetarian, they apologised and walked out. I found this quite remarkable. I mean, I can understand a vegetarian walking out of a restaurant that only sold meat, but I can’t understand the reverse. We spend most of our lives NOT eating meat, don’t we? So why would the absence of meat exclude you from eating at a restaurant? Sometimes I like nothing more than a big plate of pork or a steak, but I always have vegetables with those dishes (well, maybe not the pork).

And the only other energetic thing I’ve done has been go for a walk along Bourke Street. Even though Bourke Street remains a bit of a mess, and even though no one seems to be using it, I think I understand the method in the madness of the cycle-way. That was a conclusion I came to this afternoon as I walked down one of my nearest neighbouring main streets.

Only ten years ago, Bourke Street was a noisy one-way thoroughfare, balanced by the noisy one-way thoroughfare of Crown Street. Now, Bourke Street is a quiet suburban two-way with a cycle-way under construction. Oddly enough, those driving through Surry Hills have yet to learn that you don’t have to use Crown Street, you can also use Reilly and Bourke Streets.

Not what you’d call the most interesting day of my life, though the week ahead sounds more interesting: I’m heading off to the World AIDS Day Sondheim Tribute tomorrow night, and for the rest of the week I’m in Darwin. I arrive back Saturday night, and then on Sunday I have a meeting of my art group, and then a movie catch-up with a friend.

A lazy Sunday seems reasonable, in that context, don’t you think?

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  1. I have to say James you don’t look especially fascinated by the lecture! Maybe a glass of wine would have made the time pass more quickly? ;-)

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