It’s “No” To The Shorts

Denim Shorts
Denim Shorts

After catching up with friends at the pub, it’s been a night of washing, dry and packing clothing for my trip to Sweden. I leave tomorrow night at eight o’clock.

The big dilemma? The denim shorts my niece gave me for Christmas. Should I pack them? On the one hand, denim shorts can be quite practical. They can be hard wearing. You can wear them a few times without need for washing. And they don’t need ironing.

But fashion wise? Do they look okay? So I took a photo, uploaded it to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and asked my peeps. Here’s the definitive answer on denim shorts in 2011…

Denim shorts …… are we talking YMCA style denim shorts…..
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All I can say is no to the shorts. Have a great trip though.
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I’m with Grant – it’s a nooooooooo to the shorts
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@JamesOBrienAU only if you team them with socks and sandals and a denim vest and post photos
2 hours ago

@JamesOBrienAU depends how short they are lol
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@JamesOBrienAU There are pros to denim shorts? ;-)

I don’t really know. It’s hard to see with that lighting.
Yesterday 23:19

Thank goodness that’s settled.

6 Replies to “It’s “No” To The Shorts”

  1. In all fairness how can we vote accurately unless you provide a LEG REVEALING pic for us to pass judgement? From the pic above…can’t even tell those are shorts…

    denim shorts are handy&hardy accessories for travelling particularly if you find yourself sitting or rubbing against scratchy harsh hole making surfaces…okay I don’t want to think about it…

  2. Yes. Post a proper before and after picture (i.e. with shorts and without shorts) and we’ll tell you what looks better!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip, looking forward to lots of tweets/blog updates!

  3. Can’t offer an opinion without seeing the legs.


    Travel safely and have a wonderful time, James. I look forward to the next instalment of Swedish posts.

    1. Legs, legs, what’s with the legs? I’ll post some leg shots over the next week, undoubtedly. I have to say though, I’ve seen quite a few Swedes wearing denim shorts since arriving.

  4. First time reader and thus first time poster. Quite curious as to where you got the bulk of responses from? Twiiter, G+ or FB?

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