Month: April 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

“My blog is now officially ten years old”, I told my friend over dinner last night. She was quite amazed, and I guess I am too. But yes, on April… Read more »

Looking Like Moby

I picked up my new glasses today. The consensus seems to be I look like pop-star “Moby”.

Sydney Monsoon

We don’t cope well with rain in Sydney. That means we haven’t been coping well for the last six months. There was more chaos on the roads tonight and here’s… Read more »

Surry Hills Hipster

“Sorry Uncle Jim, I was just trying to give you a cuddle”, my young nephew apologised last weekend. I was on the couch half-watching television and had my glasses on… Read more »

Home for Easter

If it wasn’t for Blues-Fest (held at nearby Byron Bay), the local paper, “The Northern Star” would have been a fairly thin volume today. Aside from the “social page snap”… Read more »