Stockholm Sunset

It wasn’t the best sunset I’ve seen in Stockholm, but it was pretty damn good. So at the end of an afternoon of sight-seeing, we braved the conditions and headed to the top of Katarinahissen to take some photographs. We were on the way home after a visit to the legendary Stockholm nightclub, restaurant and […]

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Långfredagen i Stockholm

The day started with a rather fine coffee at The Diplomat, a grand old hotel on the waterfront in Stockholm. We had arrived earlier than expected for our planned archipelago tour. I was anticipating delays on the transport system due to the public holiday, but it wasn’t too bad after all. As we cruised around […]

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Greta Garbo’s Grave

They say Garbo was elusive in her life. She’s somewhat elusive in death also, it seems. Even though I’d found some online instructions about how to find her grave, they weren’t particularly clear. Even though they were seemingly quite detailed, they lacked specifics. The “general vibe” isn’t enough when it comes to navigation, I’ve concluded. […]

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