That Bloody Card

Credit Card
Credit Card

While the nation’s legislators struggle with what to do about same-sex marriage, there’s at least one major bank which thinks I’m still in a relationship which ended over a decade ago.

“Back in the 1900s and early 2000s” (I say this for dramatic effect), Damien and I had a joint bank account, with linked credit cards. After we went our separate ways as a couple, we also went our separate ways as a financial entity. Or so we thought.

Despite the fact we’ve both told the bank we’re no longer a couple, and despite having received at least two letters (yes, letters) apologising for the inconvenience and saying they would rectify the fault, I continue to receive a new credit card from them for this linked account every two or three years. The latest arrived in the bank yesterday.

“Can you just cut it up and promise you won’t go to Stockholm with it”, Damien joked to me in an email this morning.

“Lucky we’re still friends” is all I can say… :)

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  1. I can never understand why things that should be so easy and done every day just don’t work. When my step father died, it was a nightmare to try and close his phone account. You would think he was only person who ever died who owned a mobile phone.

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