Two Delightful Hours

Alaska Art Projects
Alaska Art Projects

If you would have asked me yesterday if I was keen to attend a gallery opening in a Kings Cross car park, I would have definitely said no.

For the past week I’ve been pretty crook. I haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t been eating well. I swear, I have the world’s biggest cold sore on my lip. I left work early on Friday, and spent most of the long weekend in bed sleeping trying to recover from whatever illness this is. “You should take a week off, just stay at home”, a friend said to me earlier today.

I’ve been worrying about friends and family who all seem to be going through really difficult times at the moment. My life is fine, nothing to worry about there. I feel like I’m absorbing part of their trauma, as if it’s my way of helping them. Sharing the load and all. In reality, there’s not a lot I can do from a distance, though I sometimes fantasize I could be/should be, the knight in shining armour who can come in and solve everything. The best I can do is pray.

As is often the case, my retreat from stress and discomfort is for my body to go into my own self-indulgent melt-down and find sleep is the solution.

By today, though I was beginning to feel better in myself, even if the fortunes of family and friend may not be the same. So when Kate asked if I wanted to go to a gallery opening tonight, I jumped at the opportunity.

Betel Leaf
Betel Leaf – pic Catherine Croll

Even though we had the address, it took us a while to find the pop-up gallery run by the Alaska Art Projects in the Kings Cross Car Park. The streets of The Cross are often difficult to navigate. And yes, as you can see from the photograph, it was quite literally an art gallery on the second level of a carpark.

It was all very cutting edge. All very pop-up. Though we didn’t think all that much of the art works on display, we did enjoy the space, we loved the sense of adventure of doing a gallery in a carpark, and the people we chatted to were genuinely very lovely.

After the gallery, we grabbed a bit to eat at a Kings Cross restaurant, the name of which escapes me. Excellent food, though.

Two delightful hours.

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