Joonba, Junba, Juju

I went to the opening tonight of a terrific exhibition – Joonba, Junba, Juju – currently on show at the University of Technology, Sydney.The exhibition, which is a joint effort between arts centres in the Kimberley, focuses on dance and the artefacts or props used in dance, like spears, boards, and masks, as well as videos and photographs.The opening night of the exhibition had several different joonba (an East Kimberley word for corroborree) and juju.

I recorded a brief report for the team at ABC Kimberley (Broome) which included Chris Griffiths from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts and Gija artist, Phyllis Thomas. They spoke about the importance of sharing traditions both within their own communities, as well as other communities around Australia.

Includes photographs by Catherine Croll.

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