Sydney and Central Australia

There are two really wonderful exhibitions currently on display: one featuring art from Central Australia, the other focussing on homelessness in Sydney. Although I quite enjoyed the one about homelessness, it was new art exhibition which really excited me most. I’d love to share some images here, but no photography was allowed, and so I’ve shared only the image that was used for promotion of the exhibition.

The great thing about the exhibition is you get to see the contemporary styles of Indigenous artists. Not every Indigenous artist does “dot painting”, I’ve heard a lot of people say. And it’s true. You go to somewhere like Boomalli and you’ll see all kind of work. But without travelling to Central Australia, you might not often see the incredible variation in the styles of work from artists there.

In this exhibition, my favourite works included the photography of Rhonda Unrupa Dick (which included some screen prints); “Tom Brown Roundabout” by Margaret Book (a modern variation on aerial style Indigenous works) and paintings by Sally Mulda (including a wonderful self-portrait).

We are in Wonder LAND: new experimental art from Central Australia runs until August 15 at UNSW Galleries,Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington

Lizzie Ellis, Still #3, Tjawina Porter at Kuruyurltu, still image from film ‘Kuruyurltu’, shot by Matthew Woodham. Copyright Tjarlirli Art 2014