Paris Attacks

Eiffell Tower
Eiffell Tower

Largely through my work, I’ve spent much of the day immersed in the terrorism attacks in Paris. On top of the professional, there was concern for a friend who lives in Paris (who I’ve yet to hear from in reply), and for another friend whose partner lives in Paris (everything is all okay).

Though there are obviously tragedies which happen all of the time, and indeed attacks like these happen all of the time in the Middle East (including Beirut this week), this attack has really “hit home”. I love Paris, and knew exactly when, where these attacks occurred. I also really like French people – they suffer with a bit of “bad press”, I think. Also, there’s clear evidence those involved were “under the radar” (digitally speaking), and so it has helped to bring home that we’re living in difficult times.

“This will be the century of terrorism and climate change”, I said to a friend in an email.

Here in Sydney, the colours of the French flag were projected on the Sydney Opera House, and there was a vigil at Martin Place. Particularly touching was the large group of expats who were singing in French.

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