Rugby League – The Musical

As I sat and sipped my beer (in plastic, no doubt a sign of the end of Western civilisation) waiting for the theatre doors to open, I wondered if I knew enough about rugby league to enjoy “Rugby League – The Musical”, tonight at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Though I know a bit about the […]

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On ANZAC Day, this is Tony Albert’s powerful memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park “YININMADYEMI Thou didst let fall”. YININMADYEMI Thou didst let fall is a significant new artwork by Aboriginal artist Tony Albert to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who served in the nation’s military. The artwork is composed of four […]

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Baker’s Bun – Surry Hills

As I made my way to Central Station this morning, I stopped and paused, and thought to myself, “I’d really like an Apricot Danish from the bakery on the corner”. For at least twenty years, I’ve been going to Bakers Bun at least three times a week, for their bread rolls, their sausage rolls, and their […]

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