Talking To Myself

“Do you always talk to yourself?”, a colleague asked me the other day. She’s in a nearby office, started work with us only recently, and told me she’d noticed every time she walks past my office, I’m talking to myself.

“Really?”, I said, emphasising that it didn’t worry me, I just hadn’t realised I did it. And for the past ten years I’ve had an office of my own, and so no one has ever mentioned it to me before. Or maybe everyone else has noticed it, but no one has bothered to comment, thinking it was just one of my idiosyncrasies?

“I’ve figured it out”, I told her today. It’s a left-over from when I worked full-time on the radio. All of those years of writing scripts (where you need to hear how your written words “sound”) are still with me, and I just hadn’t realised, I was still doing it. I’m doing it now, writing this blog post :)

Over the next couple of years, we’re moving to a “flexible work environment”, so I’ll be losing my office, going onto a workstation instead. Clearly, I’m going to drive some people crazy, so I’ll either have to learn to write without speaking out loud, or risk becoming that person people don’t want to sit near. But I won’t be the only one, I’m sure.

James O'Brien in ABC Studio before Sydney Olympics Opening

James O’Brien in ABC Studio before Sydney Olympics Opening

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