Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne

You know the character, “Ronald Niedermann” in one of the episodes of the Swedish TV production of “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?”. He has a congential condition where he has no feelings of pain, and subsequent attempts to kill him off are completely unsuccessful. In the films, he has a steely gaze which basically […]

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Glad I Used Points

The traffic on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills is always pretty bad, especially on weekends, as people make their way to sports grounds or the beach. It was even worse yesterday, as I observed quite innocently with this Twitter post at about 2.15pm. I knew something was up, and in hindsight, I know I should have […]

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Queer Stories

Although I’ve lost track of the number of “story-telling nights”, I’ve attended in my life, I know there’s always been a “dud story”. A story without meaning. A story without a proper end. A story that just goes nowhere. That wasn’t the case at Queer Stories, held Friday night at Sydney’s Giant Dwarf Theatre. Starting […]

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