Moves Like Tina

As I watched episode one of “Tales Of The City”, I looked over at the beautiful rainbow sunset out the window. Although I’ve flown many, many times I don’t think I’ve ever noticed something like that before. As much as I wanted to lean over and take a photograph, there was a man in the window seat who I decided not to disturb.

I noticed he was reading “Quadrant”, the conservative journal. This took me quite by surprise, as the audience for Quadrant is now quite small. Niche, you might say. Twenty or thirty years ago I remember reading the magazine as part of my university studies. Though I remember it was conservative-leaning then, I don’t remember it being as conservative as it is nowadays. I’ve read a few articles online, and it’s definitely taken a swerve to the more extreme right, with views different to my own on marriage equality and the ABC. As I looked over, I saw the headline featured the word “Muslim”. With that, I went back to watching “Tales Of The City”.

I have all three series of the TV production on DVD, and so on the weekend, I backed up the first series, as something to watch during my time in Hobart. I’m back here for a few days, and then I’m returning to Sydney.

Also on the weekend, we caught up with some friends visiting from the United States. He’s American; she’s Dutch, and they’ve been together for almost twenty years. He”s retired; she’s still working. She first came to Australia about ten years ago, and this was their third visit together. With only limited annual leave, they’ve discovered a real affinity with Australia, and really enjoy their time here.

On Saturday we wandered to the Opera House where the Homeland Indigenous Arts Festival was on; and spent some wonderful leisure time sitting in the Botanic Gardens, enjoying the sunshine, the breeze, and some wonderful chat.

Resting in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney

On Sunday, we travelled to the Central Coast, for a terrific lunch overlooking the water. Along the way, we enjoyed the wonderful landscape you can see from the train. It’s an awesome trip, and one I’d recommend for visiting tourists.


Later on Sunday I went to movie, and then ever later still called in with a mate for a drink at Sydney’s Stonewall Hotel. Every Sunday night they have a lip-synching competition, where a bunch of well-lubricated people are encouraged to take to the stage, put on a wig, and lip-synch to some well known pop divas. It’s great fun.

Ordinarily, it’s a bunch of ordinary people you wouldn’t recognise in the street. But on Sunday night, as one woman took the stage, I instantly recognised her as Elaine Crombie from Black Comedy, amongst other shows. I’m not sure how many other people recognised her. She was awesome as she performed initially as Whitney Houston, and then later, brought down the house, as she was joined on stage by some others to perform as Tina Turner. Awesome. Totally awesome!

Stonewall Lip Synch

Despite the late night, I made it to work in Sydney fairly early, ahead of heading back to Hobart.

This time around, I’m staying in an apartment above a coffee shop run by a beefy man (possibly bear) with a beard and a bun, and a hairdressing salon called Bespoke. I’m not sure if I’m cool enough, but it’s home for the next few days. It seems like an area full of restaurants, bars and public art. Yes, it seems like home.

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