Camera Roll Catchup

Though I have some other stuff I’ll blog about later, here’s a few of the photographs I’ve taken in the last week, and the stories behind them.

Neighbourhood Party
It must have been a big party – a significant birthday or a wedding – but loved seeing this happening in the back laneway where I live. Looks like it was lots of fun.
Ichibang on Crown Street, Surry Hills is one of my favourite places to eat. The food always tastes terrific and the owner/chef always has a smile.
Garbage Room
Spotted this in the garbage room in my apartment block. Clearly, one of my neighbours didn’t get the memo about using these new bags more than once. I’m still using shopping bags I bought in 2011. It’s not that hard to remember.
Record Player
I was in the post office, and I saw a turntable for sale for $49.99. “Why not?”. I thought to myself. It was easy to connect it to my sound system, and have spent the day enjoying some of my old records. Aside from the crackles and record jumps, it’s been money well spent to revisit an earlier time.

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  1. You didn’t say that the music from the record sounded better, or more alive or more natural. I wonder about the record purists. MP3 is good enough for me. I can only remember scratchy old records, clicks, pops, cleaning dust from the needle. We were at an art exhibition last week, and I had so forgotten the album cover of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers, which was featuring among the works on show from MoMA.

  2. It was a $49.99 turntable, so it was never going to sound amazing, but it was surprisingly good, when you consider all the crackles. MP3 is good enough for me, too. Oh yes, that album cover. I was about 13 or 14 when it was released. OH MY!

  3. Great photos as ever!

    I bought Don a cheapo turntable for our first Xmas together (12 years ago! where did that time go?) and having long decluttered our respective collections, had a blast collecting albums from charity shops, markets and of course ebay. We sent it off to the charity shop when we moved here, but it was loads of fun while we had it.

    I’m a total wanker, but I love the crackles and pops on records – and I’m very likely deluding myself, but I do think records sound a little warmer than CDs or mp3s. Cassettes on the other hand were (and are) the devil’s own work.

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