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Like Sydney, Stockholm is a city under construction. In Sydney, it’s the light rail; in Stockholm, it’s the development around Slussen. I noticed this first two years ago, the last time I visited Stockholm, hoping for a break from the construction in Sydney https://jamesobrien.id.au/2017/05/19/stockholm-under-construction-2/, only to find the same thing was underway in Stockholm. From time to time, I’ll go online http://www.webbkameror.se/webbkameror/stockholm/index.php and see how the glacial pace of Sydney’s light rail construction compares with the glacial pace of the re-development of Slussen.

In the midst of all of the complaining about the glacial pace of development, I’m reminded of the comment of an engineering mate of mine who said, “It’s better they build it properly than have it collapse a few years down the track.

So it’s two years since I’ve visited Stockholm, and I’ve joked to myself, “I’ll return when it’s finished”.

With no firm plans to re-visit Stockholm, I have, nonetheless returned to Swedish classes. Almost two years since the last time I attended, it’s been wonderful to re-connect with my teacher, Marianne, and others in Sydney who are mostly studying because of personal relationships.

This time around, I’m keener than ever to become more proficient in the language. I really want to crack it this time, to sound like someone with a grap of the language beyond primary school. I’m spending more time doing the homework and preparing for class. I’m also really pleased the class is at 6.15pm, as I struggled previously with the 8.00pm class. Grammar remains an issue, as so many of us in Australia have never fully learned about grammar in detail. But I’m giving it a red hot go this time.

Upplev mer - Stockholm rooftop tour
Upplev mer – Stockholm rooftop tour

4 responses to “Swedish Class”

  1. Well done you for getting back into the Swedish lessons!
    Another fabulous retirement activity perhaps?

    The grammar thing kills me – so detrimental to so many things!
    My American educated husband references grammar rules with relative frequency and we all look at him like “wut?”

  2. Even during high school, learning German, the grammar thing killed me. If I’d offer anyone advice about learning a language, is do a grammar course first.

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