Surry Hills Trams

Though I spent the first hour or so waiting, seated on the footpath, I soon went home to grab myself a foldable chair. It’s just as well, as I live only about 100m away from the new Sydney tram-way, so it was no biggie.

I was there, at the corner of Devonshire Street, for the first official “test run” of the new Sydney tram through Surry Hills. I’d read about the test in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, though there still was lots of doubt about it would actually occur. I rang the ABC newsroom to check, and all they had from the office of the Minister for Transport was that “it was probably gonna happen”.

Even the road-workers on site weren’t sure, until a high-vis dressed guy with a camera came along, and assured us it WAS gonna happen.

Corner of Bourke and Devonshire Streets

Meanwhile, a bunch of “locals” had gathered, including a couple of women who also came out a few nights ago, and were back again tonight.

There was also a bloke from my apartment block who had come out with a beer. And there was a journalist from News, who I got chatting to.

Robin Inglis; Millie; Stephen Josef; Ben White

I also came along with a seat and a glass/mug of wine, and with a view to send through some photographs and videos for use by the ABC. My colleagues in the newsroom enthusiastically greeted my call, when I told them I was on the scene and available to file. Hopefully something will eventuate from tonight’s efforts, and if it does, I’ll add to the links below. In the meantime, here’s some videos and pics which I hope you’ll find interesting.

Grabbing a seat, awaiting the tram.
Post Script: I made a brief appearance on ABC Radio Sydney’s Drive with Richard Glover to share the story.

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  1. The end gets closer. Nice work. Lol at the police escort for the monster beast travelling at 5 km/h. I think it was a bit later than you expected.

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