Christmas Season

“You know, I’m a bit exhausted. I’m not sure I have the energy for lunch”, I said to my colleague, Jo. She and two others who we used to work with, catch up for lunch every few months. And at the end of each year, we do what we call our “80’s Lunch” i.e. we go out for lunch and don’t return to work, taking a half-day of annual leave. It’s been a “loooonnnnng yeaaaaar”.

Previously, we have had lunch in the city, but this time around, we were planning to catch a ferry to Manly, closer to where two of us live. Tony had recommended a restaurant at the Manly Wharf called, “Queen Chow” which turned out to be an excellent recomendation, with terrific views, terrific food and terrific service.

The night before we’d had the “Big ABC Christmas Party”, involving about 600 ABC staff based in Sydney.

The day started with a performance in the foyer by an ensemble from ABC Classic. So much for the “Godless ABC” editorial line run by a number of newspaper columnists and politicians.

The party theme was “Gold”.

The big surprise of the evening was that Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia has a band!!

I Got You, I Feel Good

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