River Cruise

It was wonderful to receive an invitation for a “river cruise”, taking a trip along the river which I don’t think I’ve done in many, many years.

It was a lovely afternoon to be on the Wilson’s River at Lismore.

The weather was perfect: clear skies, and actually quite warm.

There were a few others out and about too, including a couple of people in canoes, and three or four other small boats.

Here’s a brief video summary.

5 thoughts on “River Cruise

  1. Lovely photos James! Really serene and peaceful. It will be quite an adjustment when (if?) you get back here :)

    You’ll need to get yourself a wee boat in retirement!

    1. Every day I check the numbers and it seems like returning is a way off yet. I miss my bed and my stuff, and I miss my friends. I love being here with my family. But I would still like to come home soon. Mentally, I’m hoping the figures might be good enough to return home in a few weeks, and especially before the arrival of a sticky summer in Lismore.

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