Month: September 2021

  • Gaybours


    “Have you been watching ‘Neighbours’ since you’ve arrived back home?” came the message from my friend Sue. “No, though I’m planning for some catch-up.”, I told her.

    While I’ve been in Lismore over the last few months I became a regular viewer of the popular Australian soapie.… Read the rest

  • Back to life in Sydney

    Back to life in Sydney

    “Hi Jim how was the fridge? Have you settled in ok?” came the message from Karran earlier today. Having been away for four months, I told her I expected the fridge to be in need of cleaning out, but I thought the freezer would be okay.… Read the rest

  • Two Homes

    Two Homes

    “So you’ve been stuck up here since June?”, a random bloke sitting on the bench outside the Station Hotel said to me earlier this week. “Not so much STUCK”, I replied, adding that “I’ve really been enjoying my time in Lismore”.… Read the rest

  • The Disaster Files

    The Disaster Files

    In the weeks (and now months) since Nancy’s death (the reason I came back to Lismore), we’ve uncovered various bits and pieces of history. There are lots of photographs, a sprinkling of of newspaper clippings, and some interesting memorabilia.… Read the rest

  • Wilson’s Creek at Boatharbour

    Wilson’s Creek at Boatharbour

    About seven or eight kilometres from Lismore (on the road from Bangalow) there is an area called Boatharbour. As the name implies, it was an important location during the early days of the European river settlement.… Read the rest

  • Revisiting RRHS and Lismore Farmers Market

    Revisiting RRHS and Lismore Farmers Market

    I’m pretty sure the last time I visited my old high school was around the time of our class reunion in 2004.

    This morning, I took a trip down memory lane, revisiting the school, albeit not venturing onto school grounds.… Read the rest