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After catching up with a mate last night at my “local” pub, I caught the bus to Darlinghurst for what I thought might have been the return of Harbour City Bears. The regular Friday night gathering doesn’t appear to have returned yet. Instead, there was a mixed crowd of people, and boy was it packed. After gaining entry I looked around, and quickly decided there were too many people for my liking, and so I left immediately.

I then went for a walk around the Oxford Street area to investigate further. The queue outside Universal was maybe fifty metres long. 

And the queues I saw last night didn’t appear to be “fake queues” either. By that, I mean queues “manufactured” to make a bar look busy, and therefore interesting, when in reality there were very few people inside. No, the bars and clubs looked pretty busy.

The laws change on Monday, and it looks like pretty much “all restrictions” will be dropped.

There were very people walking around last night wearing face-masks. “COVID? What COVID?” seems to be the attitude. 

A few months ago the NSW Premier quite emphatically said cases would “skyrocket” (or something like that) when restrictions were dropped. 

The other week, some doctors in Lismore warned of a peak of COVID cases there around Christmas Day, and a family member who is a nurse told me this week, “we haven’t seen the worst of it yet”.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my mask firmly on.

BWS store at Darlinghurst. Sign of the times.

PS: Five minutes after posting, I received an email to confirm Harbour City Bears returns to Kinselas next Friday night, November 12. I can’t make it, as I will be away.

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