Thirteen Dollar Schooner

If it was for a “pint”, I would have understood paying $13 for a beer, but it was for only a “schooner”. A “schooner” is 425ml, significantly less than the 600ml you would find with a “pint”.

The last time I paid $13 for a schooner of beer was at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay, and I remember being a little shocked.

In most Sydney bars, you’ll pay between $7 and $9 for a schooner. Maybe it was inflated due to the Good Friday public holiday? Or maybe that’s what you pay for a stock-standard schooner of beer at the Coogee Bay Hotel?

By mid-afternoon today, I was feeling like I needed a little “refreshment”, so I hopped on the 374 bus headed to Coogee, went for a walk along the beach, and then made my way to the pub for a single beer. The sight of some nearby people having a glass of wine and some oysters was too much of a temptation, so I further indulged there.

I was up early this morning, due to a combination of work, and my life-long friend Sue, visiting from Wagga. Sue stayed with me last night, as she’s off to visit her nephew in the United States. Her nephew is an up and coming baseballer, with apparently a bright future ahead of him, so keep an eye out for the name “Travis Bazzana”.

Having dinner and chatting with her was a lovely way to end a really busy month.

For the last month or so, I’ve been walking a reasonably tight-rope balancing two jobs. In the past I’ve been able to “balance” doing similar jobs with my own job, by working ahead and out-sourcing a few responsibilities.

But this time around, there’s been so many additional responsibilities and concerns, including ABC Radio Sydney’s coverage of the NSW election and (now), the Royal Easter Show, as well as industrial action, some negative newspaper reports, and the return of COVID. I’ve been working with an awesome team who’ve also worked hard, but it’s still been a little “full on”

This is why I haven’t blogged in the last few weeks. I’ve been working long days, starting early in the Sydney role, and then coming home, and doing my traditional “national” role.

“There are two big things on my mind right now”, I told Sue over dinner, “Going home to Lismore for a little while, and then heading overseas.

“How’s Lismore, and how long are you down here for?”, I was asked the other day by a publicist who I’ve known for about thirty years. “Everyone seems to think I’ve moved permanently to Lismore”, I told Sue, which I guess is reflective of the many posts I’ve made here in the last two years.

I’m keen to head up to Lismore again for a week or two when I can be “useful”. A few weeks ago, an older family member Pat had a “fall”, seriously broke a leg, and she’s currently in “rehab”. It was pretty scarey at the time, as she also has heart and lung problems, though the prognosis is now looking a little more positive. I’ll head up there sometime in the next month and hopefully be of some assistance. Looks like heading up there just before the overseas trip will work out to be the best option.

The frenetic pace of the last few weeks will ease somewhat in the next few days, as I return to doing only one job. You can expect a few more posts after that.

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  1. $13 is crazy. I recently stumbled across some places still doing $6 house wine in my area, nestled amongst the places doing house wine at $12 a glass. Really weird.

  2. $13 sounded expensive until you mentioned Coogee Bay Hotel. Too much work is never good, so take it a bit easier now.

  3. Matthew – Though they’re still closed, I have fond memories of the Lismore Workers Club selling $3 member wines a couple of years ago.
    Andrew – Many thanks. Even though I did some work yesterday and today, I’m starting to feel much better.

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