Busy Week

“Do you mind if we take a rain check on Friday’s visit and catch up next week instead?” I wrote to a couple of friends who were planning to visit.

As much as I have loved the steady stream of visitors over the last nine weeks in the hospital, I told them I was feeling a little tired and needed a “quiet day.”

By nature, I’m a little introverted and can find lots of face-to-face time a bit exhausting.… Read the rest “Busy Week”

Back in Business

Attention: This post includes a close-up image of my amputated limb. My niece, who is a nurse, assures me she’s seen “much worse”. But sharing here in the interests of bringing a bit of reality to it all.

Friends, family, colleagues, and hospital staff all have a differing viewpoints regarding the pace and manner in which I should resume work.

This is because my “Patient Care Board” now has “estimated discharge date” of September 4. Personally, I’m not convinced of this timeline, considering that I’m still awaiting the creation and fitting of my prosthetic limb.… Read the rest “Back in Business”

Leave Pass Lessons

Currently in a wheelchair and faced with the prospect of navigating a small flight of stairs, my childhood instincts kicked in. It wasn’t a large set of stairs, only six or seven steps, but to get where I wanted to be, I needed to get out of the wheelchair.

My friends offered to lift and carry me, or to act as human “crutches.” “Don’t worry, it’ll be easier if I just sit down and climb up and down on my bum.”,… Read the rest “Leave Pass Lessons”

Exhibition Opening (in a wheelchair)

“I feel like I’m Margaret Olley for the night,” I told my friend Kate as we wandered around, enjoying the current exhibition at the National Art School in Darlinghurst. In common with the renowned Australian artist (who also hails from Lismore), l love attending exhibition openings. In her later years, she walked with the aid of a walking frame, and was quite a sight as she made her way, cutting through the crowds. Though without her gravitas, I similarly maneuvered in a wheelchair for the Elizabeth Cummings exhibition opening.… Read the rest “Exhibition Opening (in a wheelchair)”