Such A Bad Date

So where did everyone in Surry Hills go out for dinner this year for St Valentine’s Day, now that “Yai” has closed down? There was a time when Yai was THE place to go for a date on St Valentine’s Day, but it’s now merely a half-empty shell awaiting the opening of our new local mega-cafe, “Caffe Sicilia“.

Yai was a mega-restaurant (does such a word exist?) on Crown Street which operated for many years under a few different names including “Thai Orchid” (correct me if I’m wrong).… Read the rest “Such A Bad Date”

Melodifestivalen 2011 #2

There’s something wonderfully re-assuring about a middle-aged drag queen in a purple wig – think Dame Edna – seeking to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the midst of all the young things of Swedish pop these days who sing only in English, it was great to see someone who broke the mould.

Not that it’s all that odd to see drag queens in Melodifestivalen or Eurovision, these days. In fact, it almost seems compulsory to have one.… Read the rest “Melodifestivalen 2011 #2”

Chinatown Tour

“These will bring passion and romance into your life”, the bloke behind the counter said to me as I handed over my planned purchase. “That was the general idea”, I told him and we smiled at each other.

It was towards the end of an “Historical and Cultural Tour” of Chinatown, co-inciding with Chinese New Year Celebrations in Sydney.

I love a good walking tour, and when I saw this one advertised a few weeks ago, I signed up immediately.… Read the rest “Chinatown Tour”

Television Saturday

Regular appearances by Sean Micallef could emerge as the only reason I don’t become totally addicted to “Laid”, the new black comedy on ABC 1. I don’t know why I don’t like him. I just don’t.

Co-incidentally, the last time I truly loved a program and found my allegiances tested was when he became Laura’s love interest on “Seachange”.

I think it’s because he has this constant look and manner which suggests he thinks he might be smarted than everyone else, and because he always plays “Sean Micallef”.… Read the rest “Television Saturday”