Hospital Food

The delivery of meals at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation, within Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, operates like a well-oiled machine, at 7 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm. To prepare, there is a daily ritual that involves completing a green paper form, and ticking boxes for meals spanning the next 36 hours. This system works pretty well, with the only exception being when my room became a COVID case zone, necessitating phone orders which sometimes went a little awry.… Read the rest “Hospital Food”

Getting around Sydney in a wheelchair

I have family visiting from Lismore, and today, I was granted a “day pass” from the hospital to spend a few hours with them, heading into the city. Besides enjoying their company, I was eager for a much-needed haircut and a break from “hospital food.”

To prepare for the outing, I spent a significant amount of time last night scouring Google Maps, particularly the “Street View” feature. Being able to see both exterior and interior photos of various places greatly helped the decision-making process, now that I am currently using a wheelchair.… Read the rest “Getting around Sydney in a wheelchair”

Does Anyone Still Want CDs?

My last time at home was seven weeks ago when, in a semi-conscious state, I was transported to the hospital with the assistance of ambulance and police officers.

“What emotions or feelings might arise upon returning home?” my psychologist asked me this week. “I won’t know until I get there,” I replied.

And by “going home,” I don’t mean a permanent return at this stage. Many friends on Facebook have only half-read my post and mistakenly thought I was talking about leaving the hospital permanently.… Read the rest “Does Anyone Still Want CDs?”

Gym Junkie

Throughout my life, I’ve never been particularly inclined toward physical activities. I was the kid who struggled to catch a ball and had a hard time with swimming lessons. Team sports never seemed to be my thing though I played some soccer and hockey in high school. As Janis Ian once sang, in “At Seventeen”, I was one of “those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball”.

It’s only recently that I’ve managed to make significant strides in this area.… Read the rest “Gym Junkie”