Big Brother 07

In the industry I work in we have a rule of thumb… “could you spend three hours travelling in a car with them and enjoy their company?” As I’ve watched this year’s Big Brother, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s not one housemate this year who fits into that category. They’re just not very nice, nor interesting people.

Not one of them has made me laugh out loud like Reggie did. Not one of them has possessed the humanity of say, a Ben from BB1. Not one of them has shown the intelligence of a Tim from last year or the perhaps misguided principles of a farmer Dave, or even the well intentioned whackiness of a Merlin. Or the wonderful vulnerability of Camilla (though, she did shit me to tears at the end). Joel is a piss-poor funny guy compared with Dan from Adelaide a couple of years ago who was both funny and human.

No, we’re stuck with the “school bullies” and the “school bullied”.

Fast-forward to the final weeks of Big Brother… All of the housemates sat around today in the sun. No one said anything. No one did anything. They all looked at each other admiring each others muscles and tans and thinking the same thing – “If I say nothing and do nothing, I won’t get evicted”.

I think it’s time for one of those “everyone is up for eviction” weeks! They’re all losers, so why not…

Usually each year you learn something from the lives of these people as they show their humanity. This bunch doesn’t… they’re all conscious game players. They as all come across fairly similar, aside from nerdboy and nerdgirl of course. This year the program lacks a balance of characters.

And because the program lacks that balance this year, that’s why it’s not enjoyable. I agree you need the bad guys, but you also need the good guys. And you should be able to see some good in the bad guys and bad in the good guys. But that’s sadly absent.

They all just seem cynical, nasty and calculating. I couldn’t spend three hours in the car with this lot, I doubt if I’d enjoy being on the same bus as some of them.

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