James Hayes

James Hayes (also originally from Ireland) had come to Australia with his family on the Sir George Seymour which left Falmouth (Cornwall) on December 26, 1851 (?) and arrived in Sydney on March 22, 1852 (NSW Records 2136, 2463). The shipping records lists the following members of the Hayes family as Daniel (40) and Hannah (39), James (19), John (23), Margaret (14), Mary (17), Michael (22), and Patrick (24). James Hayes married Hannah Lynch very soon after her arrival in Australia (V1854699 100/1854). In fact, considering the timing, you have to wonder if there might have been some arrangement for a marriage already in place. Or, it might just be that arriving in Australia from a background in poverty, marriage was just the thing you did. Hannah Lynch was the daughter of Maurice Lynch and his wife, Mary Moynihan, who lived in Listowel, a town near the Southwest coast of Ireland in County Kerry. Griffiths Valuation for 1852 indicates the Lynch family lived at a place called Glanaphuca, a street near the river which is now a carpark. The shipping records for the “Anglo Saxon” which arrived on October 24, 1854 indicate that Hannah’s parents, Maurice and Mary were both dead (perhaps because of the Great Irish Famine), but that Hannah’s brothers, Andrew and Maurice (a former convict) were already in Australia and living in Hartley, near Lithgow. Aged twenty-one, and a cook, she came along with her brother, sister-in-law and their child. They were all remittance immigrants. Co-incidentally, she was on the same ship which carried James and Mary Goward who were also my g-g-parents through a different line. According to the shipping records, Hannah Lynch was a cook and she could both read and write. However, the historian, Richard Reid, in “Irish Female Assisted Immigration”, published in Irish Women In Colonial Australia (edited by Trevor McClaughlin), argues that such statements need to be taken with a grain of salt. He argues that many of the assisted immigrants had no history of work at all and that many were looking for their first paid employment. He also argues that many of those who said they could read and write were unable to sign their own names. James and Hannah married at St Mary’s in 1854 (V1854699 100/1854) and they had three children together: Hannah (registered as Ann) V18563918 72/1856; Mary 2580/1856 (at St George); and James V18593658 142B/1859 (at St George). James Hayes died on September 18 1860 at George St, Redfern 580/1860. Sometime over the next few years, Hannah relocated from Sydney to Braidwood which is where she married John Noonan on April 26, 1867 (1725/1867) under the name Hannah Hayes.

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