Mary Ann Goward

Mary Ann Goward was the daughter of James and Mary Ann. She married Peter O'Brien and lived in the Bega and Candelo districts of NSW.

Mary Ann Goward was the daughter of James and Mary Ann. She married Peter O’Brien and lived in the Bega and Candelo districts of NSW.

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  1. Hi,
    Was lead to this site by another ‘ancestry nut’ who is following their family lines.
    I have several lines of ancestors involved in Kameruka estate. I even lived there in 1959 myself for a short while when a young person.
    I was wondering if you would know of any information regarding the following names;

    Godfrey ( Cheese maker on gr grandfather)
    Moffit (Moffatt, Moffat, etc)

    Enjoyed the story you have posted.

    1. Hi Alison..I am of the Godfrey and Williams Line. My mother was born on Kameruka estate too, Feel free to contact me if you want any info.

      1. Hi Jennie,
        I am also descended from the Williams line. My grandmother Ida May Doyle( daughter of Peter James Williams and Jane Doyle) was born on Kameruka Estate in 1890. Unfortunately she has left us to join her many ancestors. Do you know of any photographs of her and her brothers and sisters. The Godreys married twin Williams sisters- Margery and Annie. Andrew Godfrey was a cheesemaker, Any information would be greatly appreciated. Can I help you with your information?
        Dennis Blake

        1. Hi Dennis,
          Andrew Godfrey is my Grandfather, the cheese maker at Kameruka. His son Harry Peter Godfrey is my Grandfather.. we do have a family historian who has all the records. I am thinking of starting a Facebook page for the descendants so I will let you all know.


  2. Hi Alison, thanks for your kind words. Sorry, I have nothing on the names you’ve mentioned. But good luck with your research. James

  3. Hi
    My name is Dennis Blake and I am also descended from the Moffitt/ Doyle line
    My grandmother was born on Kameruka Estate in 1890 but unfortunately has joined her ancestors. She was a Williams who was descended from the marriage of Samuel Williams to Marjorie Moffatt. I have some information regarding William Godfrey -the well recognised cheesemaker of Kameruka who won a number of prizes at various shows. Also I am looking for information about the Doyles of Kameruka. Can you help with this. Please let me know and we can compare notes.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Denise..Sama dn marjory were my great great grandparents. I would love any info on granfather William Godfrey if you wouldn’t mind.


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