Constable Robert Higgins Tribute

Constable Robert Higgins Tribute

Thanks to fellow Higgins research, Greg Tevelen. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to transcribe this accurately. If you can assist with the missing words, please make a comment below.

“To His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over H.M Territory of NSW and its Dependencies.

The Humble Petition of Robert Higgins herewith

That your Excellency’s Petitioner came to this Colony per ship Gambier 2nd in the year 1811 through his good conduct and SOMETHING recommendation of the same, Your Excellent was SOMETHING pleasure to grant him an Emancipation in the the year 1817 and at the same time made him Constable at the Cow Pastures which both he SOMETHING at this date.

Your Petition SOMETHING in that great SOMETHING arrangement to deserving persons which marks the general character of Your Excellency, humbly solicits the grant of a portion of land.

May it please Your Excellency to grant your Petitioner such indulgence he will to the extent of his ability endeavour to show that such benevolance was not bestowed on an unworthy character and Your Petitioner as by duty bound will ever Pray.

I beg leave to SOMETHING to Your Excellency that his Petitioner is a sober, honest and industries Man, having known him from his first arrival in the Cllony and therefore beg leave to command him to the petition of your excellency


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