Thank God for Marco and Sandra

Marco and Sandra have no idea how important they have been in the last twenty four hours. They’re two ABBA fans from the Netherlands. Were it not for them, I might not have come to The Netherlands, and frankly might not have stayed.

Accommodation has been a really big issue for me here. That is, finding decent accommodation at a reasonable price. The internet has been pretty hopeless as a research tool, actually. The accommodation I had last night had a certain “brothel like” quality about it.… Read the rest “Thank God for Marco and Sandra”

Prague Spring Anniversary

It’s forty years today since the Soviet tanks arrived in Prague to “take control”, amidst student unrest. The uprising was supressed, many people were killed, and the Russian troops shot at the National Museum, believing it was the home to the Czech radio station which had been broadcasting anti-Russian programming.

Forty years later, there was a tank outside the National Museum again today, except this time the there were flowers, not bullets, coming out of the end of the cannon.… Read the rest “Prague Spring Anniversary”

Český Krumlov – Night and Day

So I’ve decided I’m not going to renounce my Australian citizenship just yet. It rained this morning in Český Krumlov, completely ruining my view this was the world’s most perfect town in which to live. The rain didn’t last too long though, thank goodness.

Last night in Český Krumlov was a load of fun. After dinner I went out in search of a couple of bars in which to either meet some locals or at least some tourists.… Read the rest “Český Krumlov – Night and Day”

Český Krumlov

You might as well be the first to know: I’m not coming back. I made the momentous decision today while having lunch seated by the river in the small Czech town of Český Krumlov. Although it’s even more of a tourist town than Prague, it’s absolutely beautiful. I think it’s one of those places where you could come for a holiday, decide to stay for a while, and then suddenly realise twenty years has passed.

I know this sounds sacreligious, but to be honest, I was getting a little bored with Prague.… Read the rest “Český Krumlov”