Soccer Saturday

Yes, I know the correct term in Australia these days is probably football, not soccer.

But after forty years of calling it soccer, I’ve become a little set in my ways.

A bit like my granny, really, who never converted to decimal currency.

Most of my childhood conversations with granny revolved around converting between dollars and cents and pounds, shillings and pence.

Even now I can do the calculations in my head reasonably quickly.

But that’s not what today was about.… Read the rest “Soccer Saturday”

Heading South

Damo and I had a beer today at the Cronulla Club, the second time I’ve been there.

It’s a nice enough club, with a really fine outlook over the bowling green.

I’d been in Wollongong for the day for work. And rather than come all the way back into the city before heading back down, I jumped out of the car and met Damo at the club for a late afternoon bevvy.

We chatted mostly about travel, as he’s about to embark on his mega-tour of South East Asia, and I’m contemplating my own travel plans for early next year.… Read the rest “Heading South”

Gotta Get Away

You know how I was rabbiting on about the cold the other day?

Could I cope with a Swedish spring or autumn – I never mentioned winter – as opposed to the glorious summer?

What I should have been asking was whether I could cope with a Sydney spring?

WTF? A couple of weeks ago it was over 30 degrees. Today I went to work wearing a scarf.

For the last few days at work I’ve been doing some reasonably involved, complex things.… Read the rest “Gotta Get Away”