Mamma Mia on Oxford Street

When asked to comment on the whole connection between ABBA, gays and drag shows, Benny Andersson (the bearded one back then) shook his head in disbelief and famously saidI don’t get it… did we look like transvestites or something?

Surrounded by rainbow flags, a giant poster for “Mamma Mia” (the movie) appeared this weekend on top of Sydney’s famous gay pub, The Oxford Hotel. It will probably come as some reassurance to Benny to learn The Oxford doesn’t attract too many drag queens, these days.… Read the rest “Mamma Mia on Oxford Street”

Mobile Cinema

I’ve just arrived home after The Other Andrew and I went to the closing night of this year’s Sydney Film Festival. It’s been a busy few weeks for me with travel planning taking up a fair amount of my non-work time, and so I haven’t bothered much with the festival this year, aside from the opening night a few weeks back.

I hadn’t even looked at the program, and wasn’t really all that aware of this year’s closing night movie until I read something about it on the internet earlier today.… Read the rest “Mobile Cinema”

Test Post

OK, so this is a test post more than anything. I’m keen to look further at the practicalities of mobile blogging during my trip using my fabulous new computer.

So far I’ve taken a pic on my phone and shrunk it accordingly.

My next thing is to upload the pic.

That wasn’t too bad.

Overall that was pretty simple, although I’ve made a few typos along the way.

Mind you, that could be because, like most of the country I’m now classified as a binge drinker!

My Latest Purchase

A few weeks back I imagined myself in some dodgy internet cafe in Stockholm. I imagined myself walking around the backstreets of Gamla Stan, trying to find somewhere to check email, write blog posts, and very importantly, back up my photographs. And then I thought about the prospect of having to type the hand-written notes I’d scribbled on a piece of paper the night before, and generally wasting a lot of time when I could be out in the Swedish summertime enjoying myself.… Read the rest “My Latest Purchase”