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  • Budget Night

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m half watching ABC-TV‘s coverage of the Federal Budget. I notice the commercial networks are all but ignoring the budget this year, thereby confirming my observation that Channel 9 only makes a claim to be “the national network” on an irregular basis.… Read the rest

  • Mardi Gras Week

    Mardi Gras Week

    It’s Sunday morning and it’s another beautiful day in Sydney. I’m just sitting at home listening to the 702 ABC Sydney, enjoying a terrific discussion about Indian food. It’s been so good I’m tempted to take a walk down the street to have lunch today at one of my favourite restaurants on Cleveland Street.… Read the rest

  • Week Of Nothing

    Week Of Nothing

    It’s Monday night, another warm night, and I kind of feel like nothing much has happened in the last week. Gee, that’s an invitation to keep reading, isn’t it? The thing is, I’m a bit frazzled because I’ve been awake since 3.30am and it’s now almost 9.30pm.… Read the rest

  • New Year, New Life

    It’s Thursday night and I’m at home watching television. It’s been a reasonably busy week or so, having started work early on most days and having enjoyed a reasonably busy social life.… Read the rest

  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day

    It’s Christmas Day and I’m watching the “Birds Of A Feather” marathon on UK-TV. I’ve gone up and down the remote control several times and this is about the best television viewing there is tonight.… Read the rest

  • Social Life Explodes

    Social Life Explodes

    It’s Sunday night and I’ve just watched “The Simpsons”. The last few days have seen a real explosion in my social life as I’ve gone from event to event. Bizarre really… isn’t it that with two weeks left in Perth suddenly I have lots to do.… Read the rest