Memories of my Catholic youth

It was sad to read this week news of the death of Sr Janet Mead. Her version of “The Lords Prayer” (which was an international hit record) came out around the time of my First Holy Communion. There are so many things I remember about that time of my life, and the song is one of them. I remember it as a time of my life when I became quite deeply religious.

I think there was a bit of interest in me from the priests and nuns, and not in the way that’s sadly become all too familiar.… Read the rest “Memories of my Catholic youth”

Rome In A Day by Real Rome Tours

“You have to remember that for many many years, The Colosseum was like a very big quarry for Rome”, our guide, Alessio told us today on the “Rome In A Day Tour” run by “Real Rome Tours“. “When it was fully functional as an arena, the walls were painted, and there was rock, and bronze and marble everywhere. So that when it was no longer used in that way, they took rock and the bronze and the marble and used it in other buildings projects”, he went on to say.… Read the rest “Rome In A Day by Real Rome Tours”