Easter Sunday

As you walk around the quieter parts of Stockholm – away from the main traffic areas – you can hear the sound of running water. Unlike the drains around Sydney (which are sometimes flushed, and other times dry) the drains around Stockholm at this time of the year are where the thawing snow and ice find their escape.

You also need to be careful on the footpaths. As the ice and snow melt, you find yourself walking in a zig-zag pattern, walking on the gravel, walking on the footpath, stepping carefully on the snow, and carefully avoiding the slippery ice.… Read the rest “Easter Sunday”

Surry Hills Churches

“If you’re overseas and you can’t find a Catholic Church, it’s okay to go to an Orthodox Church”, my Scripture Teacher told me at the age of eight (or thereabouts). It’s one of my strongest memories of Saturday morning “Scripture Class” (in preparation for my First Holy Communion).

At the time, I had no idea what an Orthodox Church actually was. Growing up in Lismore, the most exotic things got when it came to religion were Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Churches”