Sydney Opera House Protest

According the The Guardian, there were hundreds. According to the ABC, there were just over a thousand. According to Fairfax, there were thousands. And according to both News Corp and Alan Jones, there were probably just a “handful of leftie, pinko, greenie commos”.

I don’t know exactly how many people attended tonight’s protest rally at the Sydney Opera House, but there were quite a few, concerned at both the process and the decision to allow the Opera House to allow the projection onto the sails of an advertisement for a forthcoming horse race.… Read the rest “Sydney Opera House Protest”

Recent Views

Though it can sometimes be cold, wet and miserable in Sydney during winter, it can also be totally awesome. And yesterday, in the midst of our visit to the NAIDOC Week Arts Festival, I took a brief walk out in the sunshine. I sat down, I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the awesomeness of a clear winter day.… Read the rest “Recent Views”

The higher view of Vivid in Sydney

Most years when my friend Sue and I visit Vivid, it’s either cold, or wet, or overly crowded (or usually all three at the same time). But tonight was different: the weather was fine (in fact, warm enough to take our jackets off), and things weren’t overly crowded.

Cahill Expressway View of Sydney's Vivid Festival
Cahill Expressway View of Sydney’s Vivid Festival
Photographic Crowd at Vivid
Photographic Crowd at Vivid
A festival of light for Hare Krishna devotees
A festival of light for Hare Krishna devotees
Vivid Festival in Sydney

Oh, and we did the “VIP Tour”.… Read the rest “The higher view of Vivid in Sydney”