James Valentine and James O’Brien explain DAB+, Streaming, Mobile etc ways to listen to radio

I made a brief appearance on the radio this week to explain the different ways listeners to 702 ABC Sydney can experience their favourite regular shows as well as the cricket which often replaces these programs at this time of the year.

It was designed to be a “how to” guide, and nothing more complex than that. Hopefully, I didn’t sound too stupid, and helped a few people along the way.

Post Script

There was a followup appearance on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife on 30/11/12.

International Debates

The global economic crisis? Peace in the Middle East? Third world poverty? No, none of those: the big issue for discussion today in Sydney has been the decision by the City of Sydney Council to trial some “open-air urinals”.

“Oh my God, I’ve seen those”, I thought to myself when I saw the images online. “They’re just like the ones they have in Amsterdam”, I mentioned to some colleagues. When I first saw them a couple of years ago, I’ll admit I was slightly amused/bewildered by them.… Read the rest “International Debates”