Lazy Sunday

After a couple of weeks of daily activity, I’m taking it easy this Sunday. Though I need to go into work later this afternoon/evening to catch up on a few things, I woke late this morning (about 8am). Instead of watching “Insiders” on ABC TV, I stayed in bed and listened to it on “ABC […]

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Food, Glorious Food

It was near impossible to get a taxi in Kings Cross on Friday night. “You see what happens when they introduce lock up laws, and try to gentrify the place?”, my friend said, as we waited for a taxi. Having seen a play at Hayes Theatre, we walked along Darlinghurst Road, remembering the days when […]

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Busy Weekend (Eating)

There are weekends when I, quite literally, barely leave the house. Though I’ll usually still wake early, I will often head back to bed for an early or late afternoon nap, and spend the time in between reading, listening, or watching various things I’ve accumulated during the week. Then, all of a sudden, Sunday afternoon […]

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