Apartheid Museum, Jo’burg

“You see that building in front of us?”, the taxi driver said to me. As I looked ahead at the large, non-descript building, he told me, “It was a prison and during the days of apartheid, they used to keep political prisoners in there. They would torture them and often throw them out of the windows so they would fall to their deaths.”

My taxi driver was an older black man (probably in his 60s, I thought) who told me had lived in Johannesburg all of his life.… Read the rest “Apartheid Museum, Jo’burg”

Hello Johannesburg

There’s a sign on the wall of the Sophiatown Bar which tells you a little about the history of the area of Johannesburg where I’m staying. The sign tells you Sophiatown was one of the few places in South Africa where blacks were allowed to own land. Unlike other areas, where the housing was very uniform in style and construction, the ability to own land meant people built the kind of houses they could afford, which resulted in greater architectural diversity.… Read the rest “Hello Johannesburg”