loire valley

  • Loire Valley – Day Three

    You know how when you travel you end up with a pocket full of coins you can’t do anything with. The exchange bureaus won’t accept them, and of course you don’t feel as though you can throw them away (they’re money after all). In writing this, I’ve realised I could probably give them to the poor and needy, though you don’t often see too many of them at the airport when you’re leaving.… Read the rest “Loire Valley – Day Three”

  • Castle Crawl #2

    It’s been another exhausting day on the “Castle Crawl of the Loire Valley”. I’ve changed into a pair or shorts and a t-shirt (and enjoying the relaxed nature of a queen-sized bed), while David is resting up in track pants reading a book. After a long day visiting three famous castles in the valley, we’re both pretty exhausted.… Read the rest “Castle Crawl #2”

  • Castle Crawl

    You know how when you’re on a train and you see one of those nicely dressed young men in white shirts with name badges come towards you and you think “please don’t sit next to me”?

    I won’t name the particular brand of religious missionary I’m talking about but you know the ones I mean.… Read the rest “Castle Crawl”