Sydney Harbour

As we caught the ferry back from an afternoon at Manly’s 16ft Skiff Club, we headed straight to the front of the vessel. I NEVER get sick of catching the Manly Ferry, though I’d imagine if I had to do it every day, it might get tiresome.

But today there was another reason to find a spot at the front: we had an overseas visitor. Or rather, a former Sydney-sider who has been living in Ireland for about a decade.… Read the rest “Sydney Harbour”

Watson’s Bay and Luciatåg

There was a moment when I thought to myself “this is a pretty weird spot” to be taking some visitors from overseas.

The way we ended up at The Gap (the infamous spot where many Sydneysiders take their own lives) was quite accidental.

One of our visitors had been to Australia a few years ago (2009, as I recall). Four years later and she’s back with her partner to show him around the city. As the weather was looking a little grim, and as they were both in the early stages of fight recovery, we decided a trip to Manly was a little too far.… Read the rest “Watson’s Bay and Luciatåg”