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  • Bent at Belvoir

    Bent at Belvoir

    Colin and I went to see the play, “Bent” tonight at Belvoir Street.

    Colin had seen a production at the National Theatre (he thinks) in London many years ago, and I had a vague recollection of seeing the movie which featured Clive Owen, Ian McKellen and Mick Jagger amongst others also.… Read the rest “Bent at Belvoir”

  • Sundry Sunday

    Sundry Sunday

    There are some days when I sit around doing, literally, nothing. I’m lucky if I leave the house. That was not the case today, with three activities scheduled.

    Kate and I caught up early this afternoon with a wander around Fair Day in mind. “It’s a great photographic opportunity” , we both agreed, with the combination of drag queens, muscle boys, and pets in the assortment of Sydney gay life.… Read the rest “Sundry Sunday”

  • Older n Last Time

    Older n Last Time

    When I saw the trailer online for Older n Last Time, I thought the film looked a bit silly, a bit amateurish. When I saw the movie today, I was absolutely convinced otherwise. It’s a really great little film. Watching the trailer back again tonight after seeing the film today, it all makes sense as a great “highlights package”.… Read the rest “Older n Last Time”

  • Life’s Rich Tapestry

    Despite the rain it was a rather busy night out and about in Sydney. Oxford Street was absolutely packed with people who had spent the day at Good Vibrations. As it was Oxford Street, none of them, of course, were actually in the clubs. They were all either looking for a late night meal, or were in queues trying to get into clubs.… Read the rest “Life’s Rich Tapestry”

  • Happy Mardi Gras

    Happy Mardi Gras

    I almost slept through Mardi Gras.

    I’d been out for the afternoon and had come home for a brief lie-down.

    It was 9.03 when I woke and decided instantly to get my skates on to head off to watch a bit of the parade.

    As I walked towards Taylor Square I noticed how busy it all seemed.… Read the rest “Happy Mardi Gras”

  • Retrogras


    I’ve just arrived home from a terrific night out with my friend Colin.

    The night started off at the Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery in Paddington where there’s a new exhibition by Callum Morton. The art collectors group of which I’m a member has a piece by him, and so I was keen to see what he is currently working on.… Read the rest “Retrogras”

  • Fair Day

    “Bloody weather! What do you think?”, was the text message I sent out to the three friends I’d organised to spend the day with on the annual “Mardi Gras History Walk” and “Fair Day”. Two out of three responded in the affirmative, hopeful the weather would clear. The third, however, responded initially with “Would it be bad to stay in bed?”.… Read the rest “Fair Day”

  • Flying The Flag

    I went for a brief walk up the road this afternoon, as those participating in the Mardi Gras parade were preparing themselves. As the crowd gathered, there was some pre-MG entertainment. I love this song. It was the UK entry for Eurovision last year.

    For just a moment I thought I would have stayed longer, as I was really enjoying walking around the crowd.… Read the rest “Flying The Flag”

  • Bloggers Meeting

    The truth be told I was a little nervous on approaching the Courthouse Hotel for tonight’s GLBTI Bloggers Meetup. First, I’d realised we’d forgotten the Q, and was half-expecting a protest on behalf of Queer Bloggers, incensed they had been left off the invite. Second, it had been raining for much of the day.… Read the rest “Bloggers Meeting”