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  • Mary Poppins & the ABC

    Mary Poppins & the ABC

    It may surprise you to discover there’s a statue of Mary Poppins in a park in the NSW country town, Bowral. I hadn’t realised the town’s connection until I visited a couple of years ago.

    Though Mary Poppins is very obviously set in London, there’s an Australian connection to the story, as the author P.L.… Read the rest “Mary Poppins & the ABC”

  • Bowral’s OTHER Famous Resident

    Bowral’s OTHER Famous Resident

    “Gee, it’s a bit of a worry when things from your childhood start to appear as ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’”, I said to my friend Sue, as we looked around the Dirty Janes Antique Market in Bowral. As well as the slide projector which I’m sure was similar to the one our primary school had in the early 1970s, there were cameras for sale which I might have used, vintage radios, and even a clarinet in a case not disimilar to the one I played in primary and high school.… Read the rest “Bowral’s OTHER Famous Resident”

  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins

    There’s a scene in the current Australian production (and presumably the other international productions) that is without doubt the climax of the show.

    I won’t tell you what happens – though you can probably guess – since I don’t want to spoil the magic of the moment in case you’re planning to see the show which has already run in Melbourne, is currently in Sydney, and will presumably move to Brisbane next.… Read the rest “Mary Poppins”