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  • Gaybours


    “Have you been watching ‘Neighbours’ since you’ve arrived back home?” came the message from my friend Sue. “No, though I’m planning for some catch-up.”, I told her.

    While I’ve been in Lismore over the last few months I became a regular viewer of the popular Australian soapie.… Read the rest

  • First Nations Media Conference – Converge

    First Nations Media Conference – Converge

    There was a wonderful moment at the First Nations Media Conference (Converge) when Miriam Corowa was presented with an award for her achievements in journalism.

    You might know Miriam from her appearances on the ABC News channel, or from other work she has done in the media, including at SBS.… Read the rest

  • Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019

    Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2019

    I took a rebel stand on my outfit for this year’s “Andrew Olle Media Lecture”. Though I’ve been attending the lecture for over twenty years (only missing one, the year I lived in Western Australia) dressing for it is pretty simple.… Read the rest

  • What’s News?

    What’s News?

    This is a busy week for me. I’m going to see a movie tomorrow night (a preview of the new “Terminator movie”); I’m having a joint “Birthday Dinner” on Thursday night with a friend (we have a birthdays a fortnight apart, so we’re celebrating in the middle), and on Friday night, I’m going to the “Andrew Olle Media Lecture”.… Read the rest

  • Andrew Olle Media Lecture

    Andrew Olle Media Lecture

    Once again, the Andrew Olle Media Lecture, which I’ve been attending for over twenty years, delivered. A terrific speech about sports journalism, and the changing face of media, viewed from the perspective of award winning footy writer, Caroline Wilson.… Read the rest

  • Olle Scholars

    Olle Scholars

    “OMG, I was in a meeting the other week, and I realised I was one of the ‘older people’ in the room”, I told a colleague earlier tonight. “I was no longer ‘the bright young thing’.… Read the rest