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  • Morgan Evans at Sydney Fringe

    Morgan Evans at Sydney Fringe

    Even though I only discovered him about six months ago, I’ve become a bit of a fan of Morgan Evans, a country singer from Newcastle. And when I say country, I really mean contemporary country/rock.… Read the rest

  • Neneh Cherry

    “For her first time in Australia, it would have been good to have some more of her older songs”, my friend said, as we made our way out of the Sydney Opera House tonight.… Read the rest

  • Melodifestivalen 2015 #3

    Even though I’m no longer part of the culture of “Friday Afternoon Work Drinks”, I do remember this stage of my life very well. You would go to the pub, talk about work, and then, as the drinks kicked in, you would turn to other topics, and before you knew it, you were in a dodgy karaoke bar singing “Dancing Queen”.… Read the rest

  • Melodifestivalen 2015 #2

    Melodifestivalen 2015 #2

    I’m quite a fan of the Swedish pop singer, Magnus Carlsson. To be precise, Magnus who was in Swedish pop bands Barbados and Alcazar, not Magnus Carlson (one “s”) who was in Swedish indie band, “Weeping Willows”.… Read the rest

  • Song Of The Year – Tove Lo Habits

    Of all the new music I saw/heard in 2014, this was the one that stood out.

    Yeah, of course it’s from a Swedish artist, and I love the fact she doesn’t try to hide that in her video clip (unlike a lot of other Swedish artists these days who are doing their best to hide their Swedishness by filming their clips in the US).… Read the rest

  • The Vinyl Lounge

    The Vinyl Lounge

    As I entered the room (a few minutes late) they were playing some early-70s rock music from Rod Argent. Shortly afterwards, they played some Captain Beefheart. “Oh dear, this is not my kind of music”, I thought to myself.… Read the rest