Exhibition Opening (in a wheelchair)

“I feel like I’m Margaret Olley for the night,” I told my friend Kate as we wandered around, enjoying the current exhibition at the National Art School in Darlinghurst. In common with the renowned Australian artist (who also hails from Lismore), l love attending exhibition openings. In her later years, she walked with the aid of a walking frame, and was quite a sight as she made her way, cutting through the crowds. Though without her gravitas, I similarly maneuvered in a wheelchair for the Elizabeth Cummings exhibition opening.… Read the rest “Exhibition Opening (in a wheelchair)”

Captain Moonlite and James Nesbitt

Having spent a few years in the early 1990s, living in Wagga Wagga, I was well aware of the story of Captain Moonlite, the bushranger, and the hold-up at nearby Wantabadgery Station in 1879. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Moonlite

What I wasn’t aware of until the mid 1990s, was the suggestion he had been involved in a same-sex relationship with James Nesbitt, a member of his gang. Though there’s some debate about the nature of the relationship, and whether or not it was a same-sex relationship in the modern context of the term, or whether it was a “close friendship” in a more historical content, it’s an interesting story, nonetheless.… Read the rest “Captain Moonlite and James Nesbitt”

NAS Post Graduate Exhibition 2016

“After four years at art school, and that’s the best they can do? It’s outrageous”, my friend said tonight as we commented on one of the works on display at the National Art School’s annual exhibition in Sydney. My other friend was a little more comfortable with the work. “I think it’s possibly one of the best works here”, she said. I was a little more sanguine about it all. I just thought it was slightly funny.… Read the rest “NAS Post Graduate Exhibition 2016”