NYC - flash cars and recycling

“Oh My God, is that Salman Rushdie?”, I asked Michaela, pointing to the older man taking a seat, as we waited only briefly in line for dinner at Balthazar’s Restaurant. As she looked over to confirm, I remembered that moment from “Bridget Jones Diary” where Bridget met Mr Rushdie at a book launch, and as she had no idea what to talk to him about, asked him where the toilet was.… Read the rest “New York State of Mind”

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World Trade Centre

“Don’t worry. My camera is shockproof and waterproof to fifteen feet”, I told Michaela. And with that, I made my way into the middle of those fountains where the water pops up seemingly randomly. I don’t know if it’s been generally a warm summer for the Northern Hemisphere, or if it’s just the places I’ve chosen for my holiday this year which have experienced these warm conditions.… Read the rest “Saturday in New York”

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