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  • Flash Car

    Flash Car

    While crossing Oxford Street with some mates on Saturday night, we spotted this fantastic flash car. Aside from the driver, there was a solitary bloke in the back seat. For a while we speculated what he might have been up to, concluding the most romantic option – he was on his way to pick up someone to ask them to marry him.… Read the rest

  • Loreen Made Me Come Out

    Loreen Made Me Come Out

    They’ve painted a rainbow pedestrian crossing at Sydney’s Taylor Square to celebrathe Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Apparently it cost a lot of money, and thus it’s been controversial according to the newspapers today.… Read the rest

  • Christmas Drinks

    Christmas Drinks

    You know how they say “Oxford Street is dead”, these days? Well last night it certainly wasn’t with quite a few of the clubs heavily packed. I wouldn’t normally go out on a Saturday night, but we had a visitor from Melbourne who was keen to see a little of what Sydney had to offer in the way of gay venues.… Read the rest

  • Spotted on Oxford Street

    Spotted on Oxford Street

    “Oh my goodness, he’s wearing an Expo 88 shirt”, I thought to myself as I stood net to a man at the lights near Taylor Square.

    Although I’d left Brisbane earlier in 1988, I did return briefly on a couple of occasions throughout the year.… Read the rest

  • Mardi Gras Parade 2011

    If you were to identify a “glory time” for Mardi Gras, in terms of crowds, you would have to say it was the 1990s. Every year, it seemed, there were claims of “record crowds”.… Read the rest

  • Christmas on Oxford Street

    “It’s like being in a Latvian gay bar on a Tuesday night”, was the text message I sent to Graeme about being in Palms earlier tonight.

    And I should know, after all I went to one on my trip last year.… Read the rest

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